Natural Hair Lyrics

Natural Hair Song Lyrics

Natural Hair is taken from ‘Choose Love’   The BLEE EP by Respect Your Legacy Records VERSE 1 Now I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life Cause believe me with that weave in you’re still my type Plus your beauty goes deeper than what’s in my sight But I just need to […]

Life Lyrics

Life Song Lyrics

Life is taken from the BLEE EP Life by BleeINTRO Yo talk to me, I feel your pain brother walk with me Don’t take it too awkwardly If I tell you that I love you CHORUS Life’s a little harder when you’re black But I ain’t got a problem with that I’m in love with […]

Lose Myself Lyrics

Lose Myself Song Lyrics

  Lose Myself is taken from the BLEE EP The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3: Choose Love by Blee INTRO Tattoo my name in the fabric that covers your soul Tattoo my name in a place that only I will know I just wanna, break down the barriers between us So what’s written can occur […]