DMX Playlist - Top 5 Tracks

DMX Playlist – Top 5 Tracks

DMX Playlist Despite what may be going on in the life of X right now, his music is still timeless and a greta contribution to Hip Hop. Definitely one of my favourite rappers of all time. When it comes to my top 5 DMX tracks, it’s a list that would probably change everytine you ask […]

Malcolm X Day

Food for thought on Malcolm X Day

It’s Malcolm X Day and time to reflect on some of the teachings of the great man It might be a little cliché but everyday should be Malcolm X day. The level of integrity, honour and consistency towards mission of equality for Black people that he displayed is worth of daily acknowledgement. His relentless of pursuit […]

Single Black Mother

Dr Umar Advice for the Single Black Mother

Being a single Black Mother raising a son is a huge challenge but these guidelines might help As a single Black Mother the responsibility of raising a young black boy into a respectable black man is a huge one and while it may not be fair that the father is not around, it’s not an excuse […]