Something For the Pain Song Lyrics

Something For the Pain The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3: Choose Love by Blee Chorus Love hurts and this whiskey is my painkiller I don’t know how long I’ve been in this room but the mirror says I’m way thinner But I don’t understand Coz I’m surrounded by boxes of takeaway dinner Still it’s kind […]


Black Natural Hair Will Always be Better than Weave

For me, it would always be black natural hair over weave I Can’t honestly  say I’ve ever really been a fan of the weave but I’m even less so when it doesn’t even attempt to trick me. Most of the time I see weaves I have to wonder if some of these women are working […]


Black Slaves – How Unjust Were the Laws

Every time I hear people trying to belittle what was done to Black slaves, my soul sheds a tear. I recently stumbled upon a book called ‘Let’s Save the Children’ which gives some details about the plight of slaves in the Caribbean and the US. In particular, it talks about the Slave Laws which were […]