For me, it would always be black natural hair over weave

I Can't honestly  say I've ever really been a fan of the weave but I'm even less so when it doesn't even attempt to trick me. Most of the time I see weaves I have to wonder if some of these women are working with a Snow White style magic mirror that is convincing that the hair looks good when it so obviously doesn't.

I am a firm believer in freedom of choice and expression but when I hear stories of young black girls who are unable to see beauty in their natural self because all they see in the media is this European standard of beauty, then some consciousness has to come into the decision to wear weave.

It's not difficult to conclude that there is an effort to convince the world that black isn't beautiful and for me, wearing weave is feeding that idea. What's even crazier, most women are proud to embrace weave wearing. Not much though is given to the damage being done on a spiritual level. The damage being done to the black image. The damage being done to our young sisters.

Some of the reasons I get from ladies I know for rocking the European look are;

  • My own hair is damaged (Can't really argue with that reason)
  • It takes too long to style my black natural hair (That's just lazy talk.)
  • Men like it more than the natural look - (I really don't know where this idea is coming. Actually I do. There is such a low level of consciousness and awareness in the world today I can see why this idea gets legs)

The other day I was on the tube and in the carriage I was in, there were three ladies rocking their black natural hair. That did something to me. It touched my soul and made me smile. Maybe it's because that is such a rare thing for me to see in London....or maybe here is just power in the afro.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so these 10 beautiful woman with their hairstyles will say more than my words can.

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Let me run my fingers through your black natural hair

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