Black Natural Hair Will Always be Better than Weave

For me, it would always be black natural hair over weave I Can’t honestly  say I’ve ever really been a fan of the weave but I’m even less so when it doesn’t even attempt to trick me. Most of the time I see weaves I have to wonder if some of these women are working […]


Black Slaves – How Unjust Were the Laws

Every time I hear people trying to belittle what was done to Black slaves, my soul sheds a tear. I recently stumbled upon a book called ‘Let’s Save the Children’ which gives some details about the plight of slaves in the Caribbean and the US. In particular, it talks about the Slave Laws which were […]

Own Quiet Revolution

Will You Start Your Own Quiet Revolution?

It starts with an idea, but if we could all start our own quiet revolution, we can see real change in the world This short documentary shows how people can start their own quiet revolution with a little bit of self belief and a commitment to change. The documentary shows three case studies of how […]

The 13th Amendment

13th Amendment Basically just Upgraded Slavery

Those clever lawmakers and their 13th Amendment to the US Constitution   In keeping with my obsession with the number 13, I decided to look into the US constitution a little bit. I Many people hold the 13th amendment as one of the greatest steps in the United States’ abolishment of slavery. Looking a little […]

DMX Playlist - Top 5 Tracks

DMX Playlist – Top 5 Tracks

DMX Playlist Despite what may be going on in the life of X right now, his music is still timeless and a greta contribution to Hip Hop. Definitely one of my favourite rappers of all time. When it comes to my top 5 DMX tracks, it’s a list that would probably change everytine you ask […]

Malcolm X Day

Food for thought on Malcolm X Day

It’s Malcolm X Day and time to reflect on some of the teachings of the great man It might be a little cliché but everyday should be Malcolm X day. The level of integrity, honour and consistency towards mission of equality for Black people that he displayed is worth of daily acknowledgement. His relentless of pursuit […]

Single Black Mother

Dr Umar Advice for the Single Black Mother

Being a single Black Mother raising a son is a huge challenge but these guidelines might help As a single Black Mother the responsibility of raising a young black boy into a respectable black man is a huge one and while it may not be fair that the father is not around, it’s not an excuse […]

Cover Adele's Hello

29 Signs Cover Adele’s Hello

Blee and 29 Signs do a cover Adele’s Hello So in addition to everything else I do, I’m also in a band called 29 Signs and we have decided that for 2016 we’ll be putting out video of a cover song on the 29th of every month. As it’s a leap year, that will also include […]

Festival of love philautia

Festival of Love – Philautia

Philautia Philautia refers to the love we give to ourselves. This is not vanity, or anything like narcissism, but our joy in being true to our own values. You know that feeling when you can look upon yourself and be proud of the fact that you live a life respectful of others and have achieved […]


Festival of Love – Storge

Storge – Love of Family Also called familial love, it’s the Greek word for natural affection. This kind of love is probably strongest in the bond between parent and child of course, but it can apply to the love between family members, friends, pets and their owners and also between companions or colleagues. Interestingly, this […]