DMX Playlist – Top 5 Tracks

DMX Playlist

Despite what may be going on in the life of X right now, his music is still timeless and a greta contribution to Hip Hop. Definitely one of my favourite rappers of all time.

When it comes to my top 5 DMX tracks, it’s a list that would probably change everytine you ask me but on this day, these are the five songs I would choose.

1) Slipping

“To live is to suffer, to survive, well,
That’s to find meaning in the suffering”

2) Stop Being Greedy

“Y’all been eating long enough now, stop being greedy,
Just keep it real partner, give to the needy”

3) ATF

“Pedal to the floor, we off and flying
Death is in the air and I don’t know if its mine”

4) Who We Be

“The snakes, the grass, too, to see
The lawnmower, sitting, right next, to the tree”

5) Look Thru My Eyes

“If you never met me then you have no right to judge me,
Got a good heart but this heart can get ugly”

What’s on your DMX Playlist?


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