Excuse The Excuses

When you’re in a certain frame of mind, the universe will reveal things to you that are relevant to your life, you just need to recognise the messages and be ready to make the most of the opportunity and avoid excuses.

Excuse the ExcusesThe other day I had this project I was working that I couldn’t finish because I had what I thought were legitimate reasons for the delays. This needs to be this way, that needs to be that way but completion of the project was no where in sight. Then at some point during the day I stumbled across this message;

“If you are making excuses, you don’t want it bad enough”

I immediately felt like this message was directed at me with regards to my project. Although I didn’t think that I was delaying it because of weak reasons, after seeing this message, I realised that’s exactly what I was doing. I had reasons and damn good reasons too as far as I was concerned as to why I couldn’t complete the project but ultimately, they were just excuses.If you really want something, make it happen.

Just Do It! I know you’ve seen that before but yet, if you spend a little time reflecting on your life, there’s probably a lot that you are not ‘Just Doing?’ No more excuses, time to get into success mode. It doesn’t matter how small or how large you think your goal/project/task is, you can make it happen.

With that said, I’m off to bring an end to war, politics, crime and society as we know and usher in a more people conscious system rooted in love #thezeitgeistmovement

“If you allow civilised behaviour to stifle your genius, your life would be wasted” #Bleeism