Festival of Love – Agape

Ever heard of agape? I’m a believer that if we truly understood and acted according to Love, this world would be one of happiness and fulfilment for all which is why whenever I can, I will promote the beautiful mystery called Love.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that soon after I released my album Choose Love, Southbank Centre decides to bring together hundreds of artists, communities and partners to create its Festival of Love.

The Festival of Love explores agape and celebrates the complexity of human relationships in all their forms. All of us hold feelings for others, but these feelings differ according to the people and the circumstance. While in the English language there is only one word to describe all of them, Love, The Ancient Greeks had around 30 words to describe Love in all its shades and complexities.

The Festival of Love has chosen seven of the most powerful of these words to guide us towards a greater understanding of the emotion and not by coincidence of course, as I don’t believe in such a concept, these seven words happen to relate to seven songs on the Choose Love album.

Agape – The Love of Humanity

Agape - Festival of Love

The kind of love which makes us sorrowful when we hear of a crisis in another nation (or our own); that makes us give our time or money to charity; and makes us feel connected to people we don’t know simply on the basis of our shared experience as human beings.

Here is a song from the Choose Love album which explores agape

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