Lose Myself Song Lyrics


Lose Myself is taken from the BLEE EP


Tattoo my name in the fabric that covers your soul
Tattoo my name in a place that only I will know
I just wanna, break down the barriers between us
So what’s written can occur
I need to break down the barriers between us
Coz love is what I prefer


So much remains unsaid
So much remains unspoken
With all these thoughts in my head
It’s no wonder that my hearts still
But I don’t wanna lose you
I don’t wanna lose us
So I’m ready to commit now
And just lose myself in love


The bird’s have never sounded so sweet
My heart’s never pounded so deep
My thought’s compounding, no sleep
Confessions to the source, no priest
Reflections, in old surfaces
Mystics sold purposes that don’t make sense now
I know I’ve gotta find the strength, how
Do I do I do it when everything has collapsed
And every time I relax, then all I do is relapse
to hating how I reacted, when the love went absent
I guess I didn’t recognise the accent
So the messages got left on the back bench
But you don’t know how often my drums
Yearns for the beat from your tongue
Just whisper in my ears I’m the one
And that’s murder she wrote, I’m done

VERSE 2 (Lose Myself)

Til I don’t recognise my own face
Don’t answer to the name on my birth papers
Til my footsteps leave no trace
And I owe this world no favours
That’s why I’m laughing at hurricanes
And I’m dancing with volcanoes
But in my eyes see my borrowed pain
And in my voice hear that I’m strangled
I just wanna break down these barriers between us
So what’s written can occur
I swear I need to break down these barriers between us
Between us….

Lose Myself Lyrics

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