Natural Hair Song Lyrics

Natural Hair is taken from ‘Choose Love’



Now I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life
Cause believe me with that weave in you’re still my type
Plus your beauty goes deeper than what’s in my sight
But I just need to make sure that you don’t believe the hype
When they, tell you that the afro’s too much to manage
And you accept that thinking that it won’t damage
Your self belief, your value and self worth
Look you gotta know that you are a queen on this Earth,


So let me, run my fingers through your ……….
Let me, run my fingers through your ………
I don’t, really care if it’s nappy in there
Just let me run my fingers through your natural hair


Well me no care if it hard
If it rough, if it tough
Can’t get enough of your natural stuff
Twist it up, plait it up
And if you feel the vibe just gwan locks it up
No mek society go mek you mess it up
No bodda dye it up no bodda perm it
Shut them up, with your natural puff
Oooh, can I touch it


Wanna feel your energy
Your natural roots ah de remedy
Ah de vibe ah de synergy
The feeling between you and me yeah
Put a little grease in it
And just comb it back
Let em know it’s natural
Put a little oil in there
You can use your afro pick yeah
Baby please let me

Let me run my fingers through your natural hair…


It’s time to conquer that demon
That’s got you believing that weaving
Is a necessary part of achieving
A level of beauty you can believe in
Cause when I look through those eyes and I see that soul
I see them locks just covered with gold
I see a spirit that can’t be controlled
Or manipulated by the weak stories they told
So this is for them young black girls growing up
Feeling insecure in this world, throwing up
Images of straight hair standards of beauty
Like it’s the only way that success would be showing up
But you gotta know enough to know that’s not true
What they call ugly, just know that’s not you
So when you finally realise the essence of your beauty
And become your number one fan, just know you got two

Let me run my fingers through your natural hair…

Natural Hair Lyrics