Never Seen A Man Cry…

The Thinking ApeWhile a love and appreciation for music is not unique to artists and musicians, there were some key moments in my life as far as music was concerned that guided me towards wanting to pursue a career in music.

Like most, I grew up listening to the music my parents listened to. This ranged from Calypso to Country to Reggae to Opera. I learned very early on in life to have an appreciation for many styles of music and how they can affect you in different ways.

Then came the stage when you would listen to the music your friends listened to in an attempt to stay relevant I guess. For me this was mainly Dancehall and Hip Hop. Growing up in the Caribbean, Dancehall was more popular and at the time among my peers. Hip Hop was more of an American art form and not necessarily as well received.

I remember having to suppress my love of Hip Hop as my brother was really into it and the code of sibling rivalry dictated that we couldn’t like the same things. He had a nice little collection which I would only listen to when he was not around, as I couldn’t let him see we had this in common, but one song in particular took it beyond listening for me. I’m not sure what it was about this song but I couldn’t stop playing it.

It was a track by Scarface – ‘Never Seen A Man Cry’. I could remember stopping and playing the tape, (yes it was that long ago), at least 50 times so I could write down all the lyrics to the song and rap along to it. That gave birth to my desire for writing raps.

Flash forward a couple of years, now living in the UK after leaving Montserrat due to the volcano and some friends ask me to perform with them for a school concert. I thought cool, no big deal, I’m up for that. We did ‘Hit ‘Em High’ from the Space Jam soundtrack. I did LL Cool J’s part and again, a feeling that I struggle to put into words, but that was the birth of my desire to perform.

It’s been quite a journey from then until now. Filled with a lot of pit stops. Driven by a love of music and a dislike of ‘industry’, it has been tricky to maintain focus but I am now in a space where I know that music will not let me go so I’ve gotta do what I’ve gotta do.

My plan is to release 13 albums, (The Black Lion Chronicles Chapters 1 – 13), each one on a Friday the 13th. Why the obsession with 13? For some reason this number has always been significant to me plus it’s the year in my life that I have the most vivid memories of. Mainly because it’s the year the volcano awoke in my homeland Montserrat and my life changed significantly.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time and energy with this business but I was looking for rewards in the wrong places. It’s not about the money or the fame, its just the music and that feeling it gives you. Connecting with people, spreading love and sparking a quiet revolution within. Even if only one person is able to feel good because of my music, that is success and that keeps me going.

If you’d like to hear the most recent milestone of that journey, you can check out Choose love here

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