Will You Start Your Own Quiet Revolution?

It starts with an idea, but if we could all start our own quiet revolution, we can see real change in the world

This short documentary shows how people can start their own quiet revolution with a little bit of self belief and a commitment to change.

The documentary shows three case studies of how individuals in India, Slovakia and Kenya have made efforts to contribute to solving local environmental problems. Instead of just sitting and waiting for their local governments to find a solution, they take the initiative to find their own solutions.

It wouldn’t be fair to just criticise the local governments in all these situations as I’m sure on some level, there are people working within them trying to find solutions to problems. I think it’s just a testament to how inefficient they can be when it comes to actually getting things done

Are You Ready?

If this is an example that we all follow, we could probably see governments become obsolete. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of wishful thinking but if the idea of starting your own quiet revolution wherever you are, could spread, well we could all be singing Top of the Morning!

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