Being a single Black Mother raising a son is a huge challenge but these guidelines might help

As a single Black Mother the responsibility of raising a young black boy into a respectable black man is a huge one and while it may not be fair that the father is not around, it’s not an excuse to take that responsibility lightly.

There are three main messages that Dr Umar recommends that the single Black mother applies to the nurturing of black boys into black men

  1. Teach your son discipline, responsibility and accountability.
  2. Teach him to respect Women under all circumstances.
  3. Teach him that his destiny is in his own hands.

One of the most profound things he says in this interview for me is that mothers are raising their sons to be the opposite of the type of man she would marry.

Parenting is a minefield and there is no perfect blue print especially for single parents but I believe it is vital that discipline, respect and emotional stability be nurtured from a very early age.