Something For the Pain


Love hurts and this whiskey is my painkiller
I don’t know how long I’ve been in this room but the mirror says I’m way thinner
But I don’t understand Coz I’m surrounded by boxes of takeaway dinner
Still it’s kind of funny that the only thing I taste is a strange bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter
A bitterness, a mixture of hate and regret
Hate that I loved you, sorry that we met
You know I don’t mean that but I’ve just gotta get
All this damn pain off my chest

Something For the Pain Verse 1

The sun doesn’t move so it doesn’t rise
Santa Claus isn’t real that’s another lie
Another one of life’s nasty surprises
Love doesn’t conquer all, it’s a crisis
The niceness, doesn’t last long
Yeah it gets up in between you like an ass in thongs
Everything looks good with your glasses on
But with your glasses gone, you see the blasting bombs
I blame Beyonce
Talking bout if you love it put a ring on it
And make me your fiancé
Ever since then your expectations stepping up
And no matter what I do it’s not good enough
So you get cold and I get cold
And now we spiralling out of control
Constant arguments, House of Parliament
Now we’re struggling to see if we should start again

Something For the Pain Verse 2

How you gonna throw this all away like used tissue
And expect me not to walk around with huge issues
After all we’ve been through, All the memories that we’ve created
That I’ve got no choice right now but to cling to
Your friends feed you BS and you get mad at us
When my love’s the one you count on like an abacus
How you gonna let those rumours come dismantle us
When we’re supposed rise above the fold like antlers
Yeah I made some mistakes but yo just forgive me
That’s the concept of loving unconditionally
Oh it doesn’t matter coz there was no ring involved?
Man when the hell are we human beings gonna evolve
Still, I appreciate what you expose me to
Love, feelings, roller coaster emotional
I swear you had me bouncing off the walls
And now when I reach out, you bouncing all my calls

Something For the Pain