Something For the Pain Song Lyrics

Something For the Pain The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3: Choose Love by Blee Chorus Love hurts and this whiskey is my painkiller I don’t know how long I’ve been in this room but the mirror says I’m way thinner But I don’t understand Coz I’m surrounded by boxes of takeaway dinner Still it’s kind […]

You are my Rock Lyrics

You are my Rock Song Lyrics

You are my Rock The Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3: Choose Love by Blee You, the true definition of a ride or die I could conquer this world with you by my side Ain’t no sense in me trying to hide I need you more than the air than I breathe to keep me alive […]



When it comes down to it I think  my fixation with the number 13 it’s just down to a childish curiousity. I can remember when I was around 3 or 4 years old on holiday in Canada with my mom and my brother, we were on our way to visit one of my aunts who lived […]

Festival of Love – Ludus

Here’s the third of the seven types of love being celebrated at the Festival of Love Ludus – Flirting, Playful affection                   The feelings we have when we test out what it might be like to be in love with someone. The fluttering heart and feelings of […]

Excuse the Excuses

Excuse The Excuses

When you’re in a certain frame of mind, the universe will reveal things to you that are relevant to your life, you just need to recognise the messages and be ready to make the most of the opportunity and avoid excuses. The other day I had this project I was working that I couldn’t finish […]

The 'N' Word

The ‘N’ Word Debate Continues

It’s virtually impossible to be into Hip Hop and not hear the ‘n’ word used in some capacity or another……damn, I even feel a bit apprehensive about writing the word! Why is that? Why does this word have so much perceived power? After all, it is just a word. With the recent films like Django […]