Top of the Morning Song Lyrics


Top of the Morning is taken from Choose Love



Top of the morning to ya, it’s a beautiful day
Finally them dark clouds started moving away
Biggest smile on my face, coz I’m proud to embrace
My status as a member of the human race


Finally we started listening
To Bob Marley, Mahatma Ghandi and Martin King
One love, peace among all people
We’ve come to terms with the fact that we’re all equal
A new concept of living
Not selfish with the hustle now we conscious of giving
And sins are forgiven no punishment
No jails no systems of government
Just a thorough understanding of self respect
No crime, coz you always keep yourself in check
And the concept of bomb threats unheard of
The only use we’ve got for beef now is burgers
And terrorism is a myth
We laugh at the thought that it ever could exist
Osama and Obama just chilling
On the corner with their wives and their children


No borders, no boundaries
No jail time for puffing on a pound of trees
Just had breakfast in Kenya
And my boy invited me for dinner out there in Belize
Planes got grounded a while back
Cauz now trains can cover that distance in an hour flat
Using clean energy of course
I can’t believe how long oil was our energy resource
It’s only cauz our leaders were narrow minded
It’s not their faults money had them blinded
They would always put profit over people
And had the nerve to call money the root of all evil
I’m glad we stopped electing leaders
We finally realised that all they did was deceive us
We chose ideas, and those ideas
Dried fears, died tears now I’m here saying (Top of the morning to ya


There’s no mines, no yours, just ours
Everybody walks around so empowered
It’s beautiful, the only thing that devours
Our time, is love, no cowards
So honesty of course comes naturally
So when I speak my mind you don’t get mad at me
Because you understand that there s no malice
It’s wonderland we living in, hey Alice
The media’s a little different these days too
There more conscious about the things that they feed you
They try to think about themselves in your position
And before they publish stories my ask your permission
The way we used to live I’m not missing
I’m glad I was alive to see transition
Into this world that evolution was begging us to step to
Took a while to accept you but…..

Top of the Morning Lyrics

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