When it comes down to it I think  my fixation with the number 13 it’s just down to a childish curiousity.

I can remember when I was around 3 or 4 years old on holiday in Canada with my mom and my brother, we were on our way to visit one of my aunts who lived in a high-rise tower. There may have been more than twenty floors but I was too short at that time to see the higher numbers anyway. One thing I did notice though, there was no button for the 13th floor…….of course being a child at the question stage of life, I asked why?

I am not able to remember exactly what the answer was but it was something along the lines of the number 13 being bad and unlucky…..the birth of my curiousity. A curiousity which to this day has not been satisfied. I remember one time, a little later on in my childhood, sneaking out of bed to catch a late night movie that I hoped would have some answers for me. Instead I was left with a series of sleepless nights haunted by a man in a mask. It was one of the Friday the 13th movies


Also, I regard that my 13th year on Earth as being the most significant year in my life as that is the year that the volcano started erupting in Montserrat which completely changed where my life was heading,

Over the years, the negative perspective of the 13 has been continually reinforced, but the rebel in me is just not able to accept that. There is a mystery surrounding the number 13 that I am keen to uncover. Plus the fact that there are 13 notes in a full musical scale tells me that it can’t really be as bad and unlucky as people think.

When I first embarked on my musical journey, I was struggling to stick to deadlines. There was always more that I wanted to do to the songs so I kept pushing back release dates until I had the epiphany to choose a date I cannot change….Friday the 13th. All the Chapters of The Black Lion Chronicles have so far  been released on a Friday the 13th

Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 1: Respect Your Legacy

Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 2: The Second Son

Black Lion Chronicles Chapter 3: Choose Love

Although I have not been able to release on consecutive Friday the 13th as I wanted to, (sometimes there are 3 in one year), I will continue the tradition for the remaining chapters. The plan, of course, is to release 13 chapters.

Yes I know that books and Google can shed light on most mysteries but there’s nothing more reliable than direct experience. By the end of my musical journey, I hope to be better acquainted with the number 13 and have a better understanding of its mysteries.

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