Woman Song Lyrics



You know I love you
You know I need you
I know that there’s no way
I can live without you

Verse 1

Now first of all I’ve never seen a more suitable
Yin to my Yang yo woman you’re beautiful
And I’ve had all my life to choose a view
But butterflies still hit me, I can’t get used to you
See I don’t know what heaven is right
But I’m pretty sure that it’s second to what being in your presence is like
You’ve got the essence of life
A pure source of energy that illuminates my sight
Some people wonder why I smile so much
On the real it’s because I’ve been exposed to the feminine touch
From my mother to my lover, it’s more than enough
To make a man feel like a king, I’m holding you up
On a pedestal for all to see, I know that all I can be
Is only possible because of you
Your strength, your power, your spirit, your glory
This is just the start of your story, woman please listen

Verse 2

You’re my empress, you dominate my interest
Me stop what I feel? How? This is endless
And I can’t pretend this
Is some kind of ordinary feeling this is excess
Of anything my body’s ever known
I just wanna take you home and put you on a throne
And admire every bit of you from flesh to the bone
I would serenade you, if I had a better tone
When I look back at History
See now I understand why woman was the cause of so many wars
Cause if anybody disrespects you
Then I’m very, very sure that
You gon’ cause so many more

Verse 3

It’s amazing that you’re still strong when
You’ve been man’s backbone for so long
Even though you don’t get the love you deserve
You just smile through the pain and I’m a little bit disturbed
At the names that they call you, say it’s because you
Act a certain way that they got no love for you
If they took a little time to explore you
They would see the beauty that makes me adore you
The future we’re facing, dim
If we keep living by this mis-education
The woman is the most powerful thing that walks this Earth
You need evidence, watch while she gives birth

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